Is There Life After Love?
Is There Life After Love?

Every road had a rainbow
And every wish had a star
Every tear had a shoulder to cry on
And every night had guitars
But every fool's a lonely fool
And such a fool am I
'Cause every night I think of you
And every night I die

Is there life after love?
Some things aren't certain
But some things I'm sure of
Like angels in Heaven
And God up above
But is there life after love?

You gave me forgiveness
But you could not forget
No, I should never have told you
What I'll live to regret
The truth lies between us
And I can't take it back
No, it's too late for lyin' now
It's too late for that

(Repeat Chorus)

Here I am, there you are
We're so far apart
Let's pretend that I've never been
In his hands, in his heart
Can't we just start
All over again?

(Repeat Chorus)

Is there life after love?